Company culture is a buzzword that pretty much just means the type of atmosphere and work environment  —  it’s why you could be employed with the same title, with the same responsibilities at two different places, while loving one and hating the other. The same train of thought applies to employers: A candidate who doesn’t fit in with their company’s culture is less likely to be successful, regardless of how skilled they are. Check out these ways to tell your interviewer how you’re valuable culturally.

History of Being a Team Player

The ability to collaborate well with others is a valuable cultural asset across industries and positions. Be prepared with specific past instances of when you successfully worked as part of a group to objectively demonstrate you’re a team player, as opposed to a talented professional who can’t work well with others.

A Positive Attitude

The workplace can have its fair share of stressful situations. In order to be seen as culturally valuable, you need to show your interviewer that you wouldn’t bring down morale because of a cynical attitude. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to act super upbeat if that doesn’t come naturally to you – simply approach topics with a positive spin (such as when discussing a previous employer).

A Healthy Sense of Confidence

Arrogance typically won’t get you far in being seen as a cultural fit, but confidence in your abilities will. When talking about your accomplishments during your interview, don’t downplay them. Provide your opinion directly when asked, with no modifiers (such as, “..but I’m not really sure,” or “It’s just an idea…”) so you’re seen as someone who could make decisions or contribute to the good of the organization without second-guessing themselves.

  • Open to Self-Improvement

Hiring managers aren’t looking for candidates who have never made a mistake before. What really makes a difference in being seen as a good cultural fit is whether or not you can take constructive criticism or bounce back from failure. The most talented candidate can be seen as a nightmare to manage if they are not open to self-improvement. Be prepared with examples of how you have grown and improved a weakness.

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