If you’re still somewhat new to the workforce, it can feel like a battle to get an employer to take a chance on you when you don’t have much work history to show. Fortunately, many hiring managers operate with the mindset that they can teach their way of doing things to the right candidate. It’s essential to make your resume show your positive traits that would make you a pleasant employee, as well as your potential for learning new skills. A short work history requires additional effort and strategy to stand out, so beef up your resume with these three tips.

  1. Highlight Relevant Training

When you don’t have relevant work experience, you can show that you have the background necessary to learn the job specifics by adding any training you have in the area to your resume. Professional certifications, continuing education, or other relevant training can help strengthen your case that you aren’t completely new to the subject matter of the job. Additionally, having training on your resume demonstrates the position is in an area that you are actively pursuing, which will separate you from unqualified candidates who are simply applying to a multitude of jobs to play the odds.

  1. Include Any Professional Involvement

Whatever you can do to show that you have familiarity with the industry you are trying to break into can help hiring managers see that you’re worth taking a chance on. Beef up your resume by including any professional memberships you may have. Being actively involved in a professional organization provides a clear example of passion, ambition, and a clear focus – key traits that hiring managers look for when searching for potential employees.

  1. Don’t Neglect Unpaid Work

Work experience doesn’t just mean you’ve been hired in a steady role or received a salary. Volunteer work or even applicable academic projects can still strengthen your resume and show that you have a demonstrated background for the position. Think about the qualifications for the job itself, and determine what you learned from your unpaid work that could be applied as transferrable skills in order to establish you as a qualified candidate.

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