Summertime is when many people, hiring managers and candidates alike, take time off to enjoy the season. Just because the weather is heating up doesn’t mean your hiring needs will cool off. Since vacations can make it challenging to schedule interviews and get all decision makers together, it helps to be prepared so you can accomplish your hiring needs in an organized, proactive manner. Use the following  tips to manage your summer hiring process more effectively!

Stay in Touch with Candidates on Social Media

Deal with the availability issues that can make summer hiring a challenge by being as accessible as possible through online channels. Having an active professional presence on social media, either on LinkedIn as an individual or as an administrator for an official company page on other channels, allows you to remain top-of-mind and communicate with candidates by posting job positions, sharing valuable content, or reaching out to them directly.

Commit to Regularly Checking Your Email

Time is of the essence during summer hiring. If you miss a candidate email response to an interview request or don’t respond in a timely manner, it can make it hard to find a time in which you’re both available to meet. Make it a priority to stay on top of your email so you don’t miss out on responding to a top candidate and risk losing them to another offer.

Be Upfront to Set Candidate Expectations

There’s more to the hiring process than just interviewing. If the decision-making process and offer stage are going to be extended due to employee vacations from your company, let the candidates know so they aren’t left hanging or incorrectly assuming they weren’t chosen. Communicate an estimated timeline for each stage so candidates know what to expect and understand that you value their time.

Streamline the Decision-Making Process

Reduce the amount of time needed to make hiring decisions by making the process as streamlined and efficient as possible. Develop a set of evaluation criteria to use for candidate assessment to eliminate some back-and-forth discussion based on subjective opinions. Set internal deadlines for each stage of the process and be prepared with contingencies to expedite the process to prevent losing top candidates, if necessary (such as if a candidate receives a job offer from elsewhere).

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