Job seekers are often advised that the search process is like a full-time job itself because it requires consistent effort and focus. If you’re currently employed, you’re often considered more desirable to hiring managers because it shows that another company values you. However, it can be challenging to not only find the time to start looking for new opportunities, but to do so without tipping off your current employer and making for an awkward environment. Learn how to search for an accounting job while employed with these tips:

  • Avoid Using Company Resources

It can be tempting to make a quick copy of your resume at work or apply for a job online during your downtime at your desk, but that’s asking for trouble. Not only does it raise a question of integrity, but if your boss finds out, you could find yourself jobless before you’ve secured another offer.

  • Keep a Low Profile Online

Avoid discussing your job search publicly on social media, even if you’re not connected with your boss or co-workers. Word can spread quickly and put you in an uncomfortable position. If you’re using LinkedIn to job search, turn off network notifications so your connections don’t find out you’ve recently updated your profile – a major giveaway that you’re looking to leave.

  • Delegate the Leg Work to a Staffing Firm

Searching for job leads and filling out numerous applications can be time-consuming and hard to fit around your current work schedule. Instead of giving up all of your free time to use for job searching, work with a staffing firm. Once they know your qualifications, they can bring the opportunities to you instead of you having to actively look for them yourself.

  • Communicate Your Privacy Needs

Be upfront with potential employers as you apply for jobs. Let them know that you don’t wish to disclose your job search to your current employer and they shouldn’t be contacted for a reference. This is a common request and shouldn’t be an issue, but it’s important that you clearly communicate your needs so there are no misunderstandings.

  • Maintain Current Commitments

When you’re mentally out the door, that attitude can carry over to your current job performance. This can obviously affect your standing with your employer in the interim, and could burn bridges and prevent receiving a positive reference in the future. While you’re still at your current job, give it your all.

Make the job search process more efficient and less time-consuming by turning to a staffing firm like Mark/Ryan Associates, Ltd. to help you find a new accounting job while you’re still employed. Since 2004, we have been matching talented accounting, finance, and administrative candidates directly with employers with available positions in Chicagoland. Get started by contacting us today to learn more.Take The Next Step in Your Career

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