Summer is understandably the time of year when vacation requests skyrocket – but if your business needs don’t slow down during the warmer months, you’re left with a challenge: Maintain productivity and keep pace with demand without causing morale to plummet by denying time off. Temporary workers may be the ideal solution. They can provide short-term coverage for vacations and keep your workplace running smoothly. Don’t wait too long or you could miss out on the high-quality candidates. Check out these tips for finding the best summer temps:

  • Assess Your Needs

Before you can create a strategy to target the best summer temps, you need a clear idea of what exactly constitutes the ideal candidate for your business’s specific needs. Review the previous year’s records, as well as any known upcoming requests or seasonal changes, to determine what positions and the number of employees you’ll need.

  • Create Evaluation Criteria

Don’t just wing it and rely on the notion that you’ll “just know” the right candidates once you meet them. Subjective hiring decisions often lead to hiring candidates that don’t necessarily meet your needs but who were likeable or interviewed well. To get the best summer temps, narrow down the top traits required for the positions and use it to objectively evaluate candidates in an effective and timely manner.

  • Develop a Compelling Job Description

If you want to snatch up the quality summer temps before they accept jobs with your competition, you’ve got to attract their attention and pique their interest once they learn more. Create a job description that doesn’t dryly list the responsibilities, but expands on the advantages of your company and why it’s a great place to work.

  • Target the Right Audience

Get your job openings in front of the candidates who are most likely to be interested in seasonal work. Avoid general job boards in favor of a more targeted option, such as industry – or seasonal – specific job boards. You may also want to consider utilizing a staffing firm. They maintain a consistent pool of temporary candidates who have have been vested to ensure their quality.

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