Time is especially of the essence when you’re training temporary employees. The very nature of their positions means they need to be able to contribute as quickly as possible. Get your temporary workers up-to-speed and ready to be productive with a well-planned onboarding packet that includes the most relevant information they need to feel confident and succeed.

The Basics 

Start your temp onboarding packet with the essential information temps need to know to be familiar with the company and able to do their jobs. Summarize the company’s mission statement, a brief history, and list of products/services. However, focus the bulk of the company information section on details that affect temp employees’ day-to-day, such as where key items are located and how to escalate questions and who to ask.

Company Policies

Don’t assume that policies are common sense or professional norms – all workplaces are different and it’s unfair to temps (not to mention a waste of time) to wait until they mess up to deal with it. Discuss any rules that warrant disciplinary action if broken, to ensure everyone is on the same page and can’t feign ignorance.

Department Policies

Different departments likely have their own ways of doing things, so company policies don’t necessarily apply as written. Make your temp onboarding packets tailored to specific departments. Include the most relevant policies for their workdays, such as schedules, clocking in, taking breaks, etc., as well as any other department-specific knowledge they need to know.

Contact Information

Communication is key, especially for temp workers who won’t have as much time to learn the ropes. Make it easier for them to reach out to the appropriate employees in the company on their own by adding a company directory to your temp onboarding packets. This can help them be more proactive and not have to rely on you to coordinate getting them in touch with others to get their questions answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Empower your temp employees to gain confidence and learn about the company without them second-guessing themselves (i.e., “Am I asking too many questions?” or “Should I know this already and will look dumb if I ask?”) by developing a Frequently Asked Questions section for your onboarding packet. Make the questions as temp-specific as possible so it can serve as a valuable resource.

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