Getting a job offer is generally the anticipated outcome of a job search, but just because you were initially interested doesn’t mean that you’ll feel 100 percent confident in accepting it right away. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly, and most hiring managers would rather you be sure when you accept. Buy some time to make a decision about whether or not to take the job, without looking unprofessional to the hiring manager, with these tips.

Express Your Appreciation

First things first: sincerely thank the hiring manager for the offer before trying to stall and have more time to think it over. Having an appreciative attitude may make the hiring manager more inclined to give you time without making them question your professionalism or enthusiasm.

Be Upfront

Don’t try to stall for an open-ended amount of time – i.e., don’t say “Can I get back to you soon?” Demonstrate that you respect the hiring manager’s time by requesting a specific, reasonable amount of time to consider the offer, such as 48 hours. Put yourself in the hiring manager’s position – if they wait too long and get turned down by you, they could lose their backup candidates.

Ask Questions

Taking time to think over an offer can actually work to your benefit if you can show the hiring manager that you’re practicing due diligence to ensure it’s the best fit (versus giving an immediate “yes” and then quitting shortly after). Ask relevant questions so the hiring manager knows that you are interested and actually trying to make a thoughtful decision.

Request a Written Offer

You can buy some time, while also verifying that you know exactly what you’d be getting into, by asking the hiring manager if they could send you a written offer for you to review. You’ll have a chance to thoroughly read over the details of the offer and ensure you didn’t misunderstand anything during your verbal conversations.

Contact Other Potential Employers

If other pending job opportunities are your main reason for trying to stall and get more time to think over an offer, reach out to the other employers. Let them know you have an offer pending – they may be willing to speed up their decision-making process to keep from losing you or you may find out they aren’t ready to commit to you. This will save you from gambling on a potential offer and then waiting too long and losing out on an actual offer.

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