No matter how badly you want to leave a job, it’s essential for your professional reputation to try to quit as gracefully as possible when the time finally comes to move on. Even if you have no intention of wanting to work there again in the future, you never know when you’ll need a reference or wind up working in another organization with the people around you. Being prepared with a well-planned explanation for why you’re quitting can keep you from burning bridges with your soon-to-be former employer.

Break the News in Person

You may be tempted to shoot a quick email or leave a voicemail during a time your boss won’t be near the phone, but it’s more professional to deliver the news of your resignation face-to-face. Having a direct conversation shows respect to your boss.

Don’t Overshare

Be prepared with a concise explanation for why you’re giving your notice. Resist the urge to unload all of your detailed grievances that went into your decision to quit – stick to a one-to-two sentence brief reason.

Make It About You

Keep the focus on your reason for quitting on your personal or professional needs, as opposed to the company (or your boss’s) shortcomings. Reasons like “The opportunity provides more experience in a different area” or “It’s a better fit for my personal/family needs” make the decision about what’s best for you and keeps your boss from being defensive.

Provide Feedback

Being willing to give constructive criticism if asked can help solidify your reputation as a professional and helpful employee, which can work to your advantage for future references. Only do so if asked, and strive to make the feedback specific so your boss actually has something to work off.

Show Gratitude

No matter how much you disliked the job and can’t wait to leave it behind forever, express your appreciation for the opportunity to your boss after you’ve notified them that you’re quitting. Say thank you for the experience you gained and lessons you learned – after all, even if was a negative experience, it has prepared you for what to avoid in the future.

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