Unhappy employees are unlikely to ever reach out to you and let you know how dissatisfied they are before it is too late. However, if you’re paying attention, they generally exhibit changes in behavior. Prevent losing top talent and having your business suffer by looking out for the signs that your accounting employees are miserable.

Presence Decreases

Strolling in late, leaving early, taking extra-long lunches, or calling in sick more often than usual – these are all possible signs that your accountant employees aren’t as happy as they once were. Once employees stop being engaged, they don’t care as much about face time and being visible, and instead, look for every chance to get out of the office.

Change in Attitude

Everyone has bad days. Letting off some steam and venting occasionally is one thing, but if you notice a persistent negative or cynical tone coming from your once upbeat accountants, it’s a likely sign of overall job dissatisfaction.

Drop in Performance

Employees who are miserable may have decreased productivity, missed deadlines, or substandard work. This could be because they are outwardly angry and are taking it out passively aggressively on the organization, or they may be indifferent to the consequences because they simply don’t care as much anymore.

How do you handle miserable employees and improve their engagement levels?

  • Meet One-on-One. Let each employee know that you’ve noticed changes in their behavior, and ask them if there’s anything going on that you should know and what you can do to help. You could gain valuable insight that may help you change policies to make your employees happier and more productive.
  • Request Feedback. Encourage your employees to come to you with their feedback by letting them know you’re open to hearing it and are focused on employee satisfaction. There may be underlying issues that you’re unaware of as a manager, but are negatively impacting your accountants.
  • Communicate Expectations. After you’ve done your part to show concern, get to the root of employee dissatisfaction, and develop solutions, it’s up to the employees to still abide by your set standards if they plan on staying with the organization. Let them know what you’re doing to help – but then also communicate what behaviors won’t be tolerated and what improvements you expect from them.
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