When a full-time employee puts in their notice, especially if you are completely blindsided by the news, you may have very real concerns about how to handle their workload until you can find a replacement. Temporary employees can be the solution to help you make it through the transition seamlessly without productivity suffering or causing undue stress on your other employees. Check out the benefits of hiring temporary employees:

  • Provides Immediate Coverage

The work doesn’t stop just because the employee who handled it is gone. Bringing a temporary employee in can prevent any backlogs of work in the immediate aftermath of losing an employee. It allows the work to be taken care of, so productivity doesn’t have to suffer and you can focus your attention on finding the best person to fill the position.

  • Builds Candidate Pool

Unlike standard hiring of permanent employees, where you have to make an educated guess as to how they’ll perform and hope for the best, the beauty of temporary employees is you get a firsthand preview of how they work. If you find yourself impressed with a temporary employee’s performance, you could potentially upgrade them to fill the position full time. At the very least, you’ll be able to build relationships with these workers for your future short-term coverage needs.

  • Allows Time for Hiring

Even if the temps aren’t right for or don’t desire the full-time position, they can still help you find the best candidate. Bad hires are often the result of desperation to quickly fill a position, which leaves hiring managers likely to overlook red flags or settle for mediocre candidates. Knowing that the work is being handled in the duration can give you the peace of mind to take your time and make a strategic hiring choice.

  • Maintains Morale

Perhaps your current team of workers could pick up the slack and cover for the employee who left. However, overworking your staff could ultimately hurt your productivity – the very thing you’re trying to desperately save. The extra burden could cause extra stress that could make your team burn out and be more prone to making mistakes and losing motivation. Bringing on temporary workers can prevent understaffing from negatively affect your current team.

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