Sometimes job searching leads you to apply for opportunities that don’t exactly thrill you, but for which you’re qualified. If you end up getting an offer for a job you don’t want, you may feel conflicted: Do you hold out for the possibility of “dream job” or go ahead and take the offer that’s actually in front of you? Learn about the potential benefits of taking a job you don’t want, and how it can actually make you a better candidate down the road:

  • Fills in Resume Gaps

Fair or not, the longer you are in between jobs, the more difficult it can be to attract the attention of hiring managers. Extended unemployment can be seen as a red flag and make hiring managers concerned that your time out of the workforce has made your skills out of date. Taking a job you don’t like demonstrates that your skills are being currently utilized and can make you a more competitive candidate for future applications.

  • Provides Networking Opportunities

One of the most effective ways to find a new job is through word-of-mouth. By accepting a job offer, you are exposing yourself to more potential network connections. The more professional relationships you can form, the more likely it is you could receive job leads or at least have positive references for your future job-hunting endeavors.

  • Keeps You Financially Afloat

Money may not buy happiness, but if you’re bogged down with financial stress, it can be difficult to be able to focus on job hunting. By not passing over a job, you have the opportunity to earn a paycheck and keep up with your financial obligations. This can help you maintain a positive mindset that increases the chances of success in landing a job you really want the next time around.

Prevent getting stuck in a job you don’t want:


Accepting a job offer that isn’t aligned with your long-term goals can potentially be a major setback if you don’t take steps to create an eventual exit strategy.

  • Give yourself a deadline and commit to it so you don’t get bogged down in the day to day at the expense of overall goals
  • Consistently maintain your job search so you don’t miss out on discovering better opportunities to pursue
  • Put your all into your current work performance and provide adequate notice when leaving to prevent burning bridges

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