Most jobs have their bad days that make employees dream of escaping the grind, but there is a difference between the normal grievances of the average workplace and truly feeling bored or disliking your job. If you’re wondering if the feelings will pass or if it’s a sign of bad fit, check out these four signs to see if you’re at the wrong job and need a new one:



  1. It Doesn’t Play to Your Strengths


While skills can be learned and improved upon with diligent practice, if you’re constantly struggling against your natural tendencies, it can be a sign that a job isn’t right for you. Everyone has their own inherent strengths, and if your responsibilities don’t align with your personal strengths, it makes the job ultimately more frustrating than it needs to be. There are other jobs that could play to your strengths, so it may be time to find them.


  1. Your Personality Doesn’t Fit In


Each workplace has its own culture that represents the traits that are most valued in its employees. If your personality doesn’t seem to mesh well with the company norms, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you – it’s just not the right job. For instance, if you are more mild-mannered and dislike conflict, you may not fit in at a job that has a cutthroat, competitive vibe, but would flourish in a collaborative environment that values teamwork.


  1. You Don’t Feel Valued


Many organizational goals are focused on getting their employees engaged in their work so they go above and beyond. However, if you go above and beyond, but nobody acknowledges it, there’s little incentive for you to keep doing so. For every organization that doesn’t value its top performers, there are several more who would love to have a motivated, engaged employee on their team and would provide adequate recognition. If your contributions are ignored or taken for granted, it may be time to move on to a new job.


  1. There’s No Room for Growth


You could enjoy your workdays and have a likable and effective manager, and still have the job be wrong for you if doesn’t support your ambitions. Jobs that have no chance for advancement, short of the hope that someone senior leaves, are ultimately a dead-end if you want to go further. This is generally the toughest type of job to leave because you’re sacrificing a “comfortable” position for the hope of an unknown opportunity that has room for growth, but it’s likely what needs to be done if you want to realize your potential.


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