Hiring temporary employees has many advantages: They can help fill in during unexpected absences or sudden influxes in demand, and you only have to hire them for as little or long as you need them. Just like with any position, not all temporary employees will work out. Learn about the top reasons a temporary hire might not work out so you can evaluate candidates when hiring and onboard new hires to set them up for success:


  1. Misunderstanding of Expectations


Temporary employees have a very short window of time in which they are expected to acclimate and start being productive. Since they aren’t allowed the gradual learning curve of a permanent new hire, temps may not know what’s expected of them in terms of performance and may not realize they’re falling short. Create an onboarding process tailored specifically for temps that clearly communicates your expectations and provides them resources that can help them.


  1. Lack of Professionalism


Since temporary workers have a set end date to their employment at an organization, they may not be as invested in presenting a professional image or may not think the standard rules apply to them. Common behaviors that can be traced to a lack of professionalism include not being on time, goofing off instead of working, or simply not working as hard as they could. Prevent hiring temporary employees who lack professionalism by putting a candidate evaluation process in place and looking for red flags. If you spot the behavior in current temps, correct it immediately to prevent them from thinking it’s acceptable.


  1. No Feelings of Engagement


Engagement in the workplace is that internal motivation that pushes employees to perform well because they get personal satisfaction out of it. This usually comes from feeling like a part of a team or being in a role with a clear purpose. It’s understandable that temporary employees may not find themselves engaged with the work and want to go above and beyond since they likely won’t be around long enough to witness any outcomes, like goals being achieved, or earn any incentives. Counteract this tendency by expressing your appreciation and clearly communicating the value they are adding.


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