Writing job listings isn’t likely to be at the top of your list of enjoyable professional tasks – which may explain why so many hiring managers treat it as a formality and reuse the same templates. Tired, boring and unclear job listings aren’t going to attract the attention of top talent. Spice up your temporary accounting job listings with these tips:


  • Include Strategic Keywords

Candidates will generally enter search terms (or “keywords”) when looking for jobs online, so it’s essential that you write your job listings with these users in mind. Attempts to be clever and spice up your listings a little too much could backfire if you opt for creative wording at the expense of the keywords candidates are actually using. Determine what words and phrases are commonly used to describe the position, and include them in the title and a few times throughout the listing.

  • Utilize Direct, Actionable Details

Just as hiring managers don’t get too excited by passive lists of duties on candidates’ resumes, candidates aren’t exactly going to be clamoring to apply for an accounting job that sounds dry and dull. Avoid the “responsible for…” type of job description and opt for active verbs. This attracts candidates’ attention and gives them a clear idea of what the job entails, as opposed to vague wording in which they aren’t quite sure what they’d be doing if hired. You want them to be able to picture themselves performing the job.

  • Provide Honest Requirements

Not all accounting candidates are cut out for temporary jobs and even top talent may not have the personality traits needed to be a success at a particular organization. Gain the interest of the right candidates; provide information about the qualities necessary to do well at the job. For instance, a temporary accounting position would need a candidate able to learn quickly and jump right in. By being more candid, you’ll find the candidates who are excited by the challenge.

  • Discuss Company Culture

Face it – most temporary accounting job listings are pretty much the same in terms of job duties.  What is different among organizations, however, is the type of work environment. Make your listing stick out from other similar ones by telling candidates about your company’s culture. This includes the company’s values, how it treats its employees, and the overall workplace atmosphere. Company culture is a such a valuable part of job satisfaction that it could help you be more competitive against other places with deeper wallets.

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