When a hiring manager invites you to come for an interview, it means you’re seriously being considered for the position. Getting deeper into the hiring process also means that hiring managers will be evaluating your qualifications and personality traits much more closely. Don’t blow a promising opportunity because you didn’t ensure all your bases were covered and prepared for accordingly. Before your interview, self-assess the key factors hiring managers will be using to make their decisions:

  • Clean Up Your Online Presence

Take a look at your social media profiles and the search results for your name to see what pops up and if it would hurt your chances of getting the job. More and more hiring managers perform informal online screenings of candidates to gain a more comprehensive view of factors that aren’t as visible during the interview. Online items that could hurt your chances include: inappropriate personal photos, derogatory or illegal content, or material that doesn’t align with the professional image you’d like to portray.

  • Review Your Resume

Know your resume inside and out before an interview. You want to be so familiar with your accomplishments that they organically come up in your answers. Since you can’t anticipate the interviewer’s questions, being prepared with the key points you want to communicate will ensure you don’t fall back on rehearsed answers or get tongue-tied due to being caught off-guard.

  • Check Your References

Follow up with everyone whom you’ve put down as references and give them a heads-up that you’re being called in for an interview. They’ll be aware that of impending contact from the hiring manager and know to make it a top priority. Plus, you’re more likely to get a positive reference if the person doesn’t feel blindsided and is expecting to be contacted.

  • Go Over Your Pitch

Develop a two to three sentence “pitch” or explanation of what makes you stand out from other candidates and be the best one for the job. The idea behind a pitch is to provide a concise takeaway for the hiring manager that summarizes your qualifications in a memorable manner. Practice your pitch (it doesn’t need to be word for word, but the basic ideas) until it becomes natural, and make sure you don’t leave the interview without the hiring manager having learned the information.

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