Employees becoming sick isn’t just a personal problem for them — it’s a personnel problem for your organization. Whether your workers take sick time and stay home, or show up anyway and try to make it through the day, it negatively affects the whole workplace. The best strategy for combating a sick staff is prevention. Check out these ways to keep your staff healthy:

The Importance of a Healthy Staff:

  • Productivity

When your staff falls ill, productivity is inevitably going to suffer. Employee absences can cause the workload to pile up, but even when sick employees show up to work, their performance and focus isn’t going to be its sharpest.

  • Morale

A physically unhealthy staff can cause office morale to deteriorate. Not feeling well can make it harder for them to stay engaged in their performances – they’re likely just trying to survive the day if they show up.

  • Costs

Your staff’s physical health contributes to the health of your company’s budget. Sick employees can result in significant company costs, such as healthcare expenses, hiring temporary workers for coverage, and lost productivity.

Ways to Keep Staff Healthy:

  • Provide Tools

Make it as easy as possible for employees to prevent spreading germs. Keep the place stocked with tissues, soap and antibacterial sanitizer, and consider offering a flu shot program. Enacting telecommuting policies may also be helpful for infectious employees who are mentally capable of working to not spread illness.

  • Educate

Be proactive about instilling the importance of health in your employees with a wellness program. Communicate the importance of illness prevention, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and of staying home when sick.

How to Effectively Send Sick Employees Home:

  • Put a Plan in Place

The main reason most employees tend to show up to work even when they’re sick is because they feel like they have too much work to take time off. Develop a plan for coverage in instances of a large percentage of your staff getting sick at one time (such as hiring temps), so you can send employees home when they are sick.

  • Set the Tone

Make it crystal clear to your staff that you’re not paying lip service when you tell employees to go home when they are obviously unwell. They may feel like they’ll come across as not being team players or hard workers. Communicate to all staff that going home when sick is encouraged, not frowned upon, and lay out clear protocol to follow.

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