When flu season hits, your staff can start dropping like flies. Unfortunately, the workload doesn’t stop, but you can protect productivity against the flu with a dose of temporary employees. The nature of temporary employment provides flexibility in times of unexpected, last-minute staffing needs. Check out the benefits of hiring temporary employees for coverage during flu season:

  • Maintain Productivity

The flu isn’t the type of illness one can “power through” and keep getting work done. Even if there are looming deadlines, flu stricken employees simply can’t perform and shouldn’t be in the workplace at all in order to prevent infecting others. Temporary employees can serve as a remedy for flu-related drops in productivity. They can be brought on to fill in for workers who are sick to ensure that productivity doesn’t suffer.

  • Boost Morale

There’s no convenient time to catch the flu, but for your employees, it may feel like it happens at the worst possible time. Ill employees have to deal with feelings of dread if they know they have piled up work to catch up on when they get back, while the staff in the office may feel overwhelmed or resentful for taking on additional responsibilities to fill in for sick employees. Temporary employees can provide coverage and keep business running smoothly, so no one’s work is significantly affected by the flu.

  • Reduce Absences

When infectious employees come into the office because they simply feel like there’s too much work for them to take sick days, it increases the likelihood of the flu spreading to a higher number of employees. Hiring temporary employees can prevent  staff who have the flu from thinking they have to come in. It allows them to take sick days with peace of mind – and reduces the risk of infecting others in the office, thus preventing widespread employee absences.

  • Save Money

If productivity drops drastically because a large percentage of your staff has the flu, it can be costly in terms of lost opportunity. You may lose out on customers or projects because you don’t have the manpower to handle requests. Temporary employees are crucial during flu season because you have the flexibility to bring them in to cover for sick workers with little notice. The amount you spend for a few temps in the short term will likely be compensated by keeping pace with demand and not losing any business.

Your company’s productivity can survive flu season with Mark/Ryan Associates, Ltd. Our founders and staffing specialists bring 100 years of cumulative experience in accounting, finance, and administrative staffing, and will make informed evaluations in order to bring you the top temporary workers in the Chicagoland area. Contact us online or give us a call at 847-240-9100 to learn more about how our specialists can help you with temporary office & administrative staffing solutions.Better Talent Faster Hires

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