The New Year’s resolution process tends to be a predictable cycle of vague goals made with the utmost enthusiasm, only to be abandoned soon after. If you truly want to make a professional change in 2016, make the type of resolutions that will actually help you accomplish your goal (rather than being forgotten about in February). Follow these job search resolutions to get a new job in 2016:

  • Make Over Your Resume

Updating your resume isn’t a one-time thing. Sure, you need to add any new experience since your last job search, but it doesn’t stop there. Make a resolution to tailor your resume to each particular job for which you apply. Highlight your most relevant skills and accomplishments according to the top requirements in the job description. Since hiring managers only initially scan resumes for a very brief time, be strategic with the order of your resume points to draw their attention to those that are most applicable.

  • Master the Follow-Up

If you’ve held off on following up with hiring managers after applying and/or interviewing for jobs, it’s time to turn over a new leaf in your job search. You won’t seem desperate — as long as you’re not overly aggressive or following up excessively. Demonstrate your enthusiasm and get a second notice by contacting them to thank them for the consideration, reiterate that you’re very interested in the job, and politely request a timeline for the next steps.

  • Expand Your Circle

The best jobs leads are through referrals, so networking and forming professional connections with others is essential to your job search. Don’t be turned off by networking – it’s not all about self-promotion or office politics. Being genuine and striving to simply get to know others and help them out is when networking is most effective. Reach out to others and show interest in learning about them – you never know what it’ll lead to job-wise, but the odds are better than going it alone.

  • Evaluate Yourself

Sometimes you’re simply not right for the job, but more often than not, it’s within your control. Empower yourself and commit to evaluating your job search skills on a regular basis. List the jobs you applied for and how far you got in the process. This can be eye-opening and help you make the most of your efforts by showing you where you need to focus on with new techniques. For example, if you get interviews but no offers, your resume is fine but it’s time to practice your interview skills.


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