It’s a good thing that the new year generally brings a renewed sense of motivation, since Q1 is when many companies experience an increased workload. During these busy times, “all hands on deck” may not be enough to maintain the pace. When you have a seasonal demand influx that doesn’t call for hiring additional permanent staff, temporary workers can be the solution you’re looking for.

Temp Positions Offer Mutual Flexibility

Hiring temps allows you the opportunity to bring in workers only when you need them, without having to commit to a long-term employee. When workload increases or you need coverage for a current employee who is out, you can hire workers to stay only as long as you need. This ensures your staff is at the optimal levels at all times, even when your workload changes. This flexibility extends to the temps themselves – many of them enjoy the short-term nature of temporary work because it allows them to earn a paycheck while working around personal obligations or pursuing other interests.

Hiring Temps Reduces Risks

Whenever you decide to increase staff, you’re opening your organization up for the financial risks that come with it. These risks include bad hiring or increasing employee costs and not having the workload remain steady. By starting off your New Year by hiring temps, you start Q-1 with less liability. If a temp doesn’t work out, it’s much less costly and time-consuming to have a staffing firm supply a new candidate than it is to replace a bad hire for a permanent position. Plus, hiring temps allows you to preview their work performance before deciding to offer them full-time employment (if applicable).

Temps Can Protect Staff from Burnout

Even with an increase in workload, your current staff could maybe handle it by doubling up on their efforts – but it may be at the cost of losing your best talent from being overworked and overwhelmed. An excessive workload can cause significant stress to your workers, resulting in more mistakes, low morale, and increased absenteeism and turnover. Hiring temps can provide support for your team during busy times and keep them from burning out.

Ring in the new year with high-quality temporary workers to ease your workload. Mark/Ryan Associates, Ltd. has been providing qualified and motivated candidates for Chicagoland accounting, finance, and administrative positions for area employers since 2004. Contact us online or give us a call at 847-240-9100 to learn more about how our specialists can help with your staffing needs.

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