Temporary employees may not be staying with your organization indefinitely, but that doesn’t mean you should skimp out on the welcoming gestures. Besides being professional courtesy, putting forth the effort to make your temporary employees feel like part of the team will only benefit you through increased productivity and faster acclimation. Try out these four ways to make temporary employees feel welcome.

  1. Have an Onboarding Process

The nature of temporary employment doesn’t lend itself well to a gradual learning curve, but there is a fine line between expecting temps to be ready to contribute and simply throwing them to the wolves. Putting together an onboarding process with all of the information and resources a temp needs is a welcoming gesture because it shows you care about helping them succeed.

  1. Break the Ice with Your Current Team

It can be awkward for temporary employees and your current team to know how to interact with one another. Just because temps aren’t there to stay doesn’t mean there’s no benefit to getting to know them. Introducing them to your team and facilitating a team bond can help temps acclimate more quickly and collaborate more effectively because they’ll be more comfortable and feel like a welcomed member of your company.

  1. Provide Regular Feedback

Help create positive morale for temps and make them feel welcome by popping in occasionally to tell them what areas they’re excelling in and where improvements could be made. Having an idea of how they’re doing, instead of feeling clueless, makes temporary employees feel like they’re considered worthy of being coached. It also demonstrates equal treatment among the temporary and full-time staff.

  1. Recognize Their Contributions

Employees as a whole want to feel appreciated for their contributions, and temps are no exception. To make them feel welcome, recognize their achievements when they do a great job. A simple compliment goes a long way toward making people feel like they’re making a difference and are valued by leadership. Pulling them aside to thank them and elaborating on how they’re helping your company stay on track during a busy time will make them feel appreciated.

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