If your employees are the all-stars on your team roster, temporary employees are often treated like the ultimate back-up squad — even though without the effort of these short-term workers, the rest of the team wouldn’t be victorious in their workplace endeavors. Learn about the benefits of making temporary employees feel like part of the team and including them in your team-building exercises:

Encourages Temps to Put Forth Extra Effort

Team-building exercises with your current staff and temps can help facilitate increased productivity. It makes temps feel more comfortable working collaboratively with other employees, which in turn can make them able to communicate more efficiently and produce better results. Feeling like part of the team may also make temps actually enjoy putting forth extra effort if they end up forming a rapport with their co-workers that makes for positive morale.

Fosters a Vested Interest in Results

It can be challenging to get temporary employees to feel personally engaged in the work since it’s likely they won’t be around to see the outcome. Including them in team-building exercises can help them see just how valued their contributions are, especially since they’ll be able to connect the results of their effort and how it affects real people (and not just a faceless organizational goal).

Creates a Respectful Culture

Unfortunately, many temporary employees do not receive a warm welcome. Whether current staff feels threatened for their jobs or simply considers temps as somehow “less than,” temps can have a tough time acclimating. By having team-building exercises for all employees, regardless of their intended duration, you are taking a stance that temporary employees are just as respected as any other worker and will receive the same quality of treatment.

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