You may think job searching is a lost cause during the holiday season, but believe it or not, most managers don’t get to check out for the last part of the year. Work still has to be done, and that often includes hiring. Plus, since there is a preconceived notion that no one hires during the holidays, you may have less competition. Check out these four tips for a successful holiday season job search:

  1. Be Patient and Flexible

Hiring managers may be in and out of the office during the holiday season or dealing with workloads for other employees who are on vacation. You may end up waiting longer than usual to hear back after applying or to get emails returned. On the other hand, you could get lucky with timing and apply right when the office is dead and the hiring manager is ready to move quickly. Either way, adjust your expectations and remind yourself that a holiday season job search is going to progress unpredictably in comparison to standard search times.

  1. Bring It Up at Holiday Social Gatherings

Use the many social events of the holidays to your advantage and discuss your job search when you’re making small talk and people ask what’s new with you. They could end up offering advice or even know of a possible opportunity for you. Even if you don’t see immediate results, holiday social events are a great time to network and get to know people who can keep you in mind for jobs in the future.

  1. Consider Jobs that Are “Outside of the Box”

Even if your ultimate goal is a full-time job, look into temporary or seasonal jobs through a staffing firm. Staffing firms may also have leads for temp-to-hire jobs or even direct hire positions. The holiday season is a peak time for temporary work, and you never know where it will lead if you impress the right people!

  1. Take a Breather

If you’re unhappy with how your job search has been going, take the holiday season as a time to start over and regain your motivation. Allow yourself a bit of a break if you’ve been exhaustively job searching – too much work with no rest makes you less productive and increases the likelihood that you’re just going through the motions. You’ll come back to your job search with a renewed mindset of confidence and enthusiasm, instead of being burnt out.

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