Temporary employment can be a win-win for employers and workers alike. Companies are able to retain flexibility in their staff and workload on an as-needed basis, while temporary employees can gain experience, fill any resume gaps, and earn a paycheck. Unfortunately, there are some falsehoods about temps that just won’t quit — check out these three myths debunked regarding temporary employees:

Temporary Workers Are Low-Quality Candidates

There’s a misconception that temporary workers only consider short-term assignments because no one else will hire them. In fact, many employers utilize temporary employees as part of their overall hiring plan because they desire flexibility and may not have the resources or demand for more permanent staff. Employers still look for the same quality in candidates as they would for any other employment opportunity and aren’t willing to risk their companies’ reputations on substandard workers.

Temporary Workers Have a Limited Skill Set

In the past, temporary jobs tended to mainly be for administrative and manufacturing positions, but nowadays, there are temp gigs calling for candidates with a variety of specialized and technical skills. Temporary workers are requested across just about all industries and have some of the most in-demand skills, from financial services to healthcare to information technology, and more.

Temporary Workers Have Less Professional Drive

There are a lot of reasons workers take temporary jobs, and by far, most of them have nothing to do with lacking ambition. For many job seekers, temporary work is a strategic part of their professional plan. They may want to gain experience without committing to a long-term job, need flexibility to remain in the workforce while taking time to care for their families, or are trying to switch careers. Even if temporary work isn’t their long-term goal, many high-quality candidates prefer to maintain some form of employment while they’re job seeking – pretty much the exact opposite of not having professional drive!

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