The holidays can be a hectic time in the workplace – making it prime season for bringing on temporary employees. These workers can help you for your preferred duration, saving you and your team from having to pick up all the slack on your own. Check out all the ways temporary employees can benefit your organization during the holidays:

  • Adequate Coverage

The holiday months are typically when the majority of your employees will want to take their time off. Luckily if you hire temporary employees, you won’t have to decide between approving all requests and being short-staffed or denying some and causing morale to plummet. Temps can help fill in the gaps and keep business running smoothly during vacation time.

  • Desired Flexibility

Temporary work is mutually beneficial for both employers and the employees themselves, in terms of flexibility. The temps can bring in extra income and add experience to their resumes, and you can hire employees to keep pace with your changing needs – without a long – term commitment on either end, so everybody wins!

  • Seasonal Demand

For many businesses, the holidays are their busy time of year when demand skyrockets. Hiring temporary employees to keep pace with the change in seasonal demand prevents overworking your staff and putting them at risk of burning out, while still allowing for all projects to be accomplished in a satisfactory manner.

  • The Gift of Less Stress

The holidays can be more stressful than cheerful for many people due to all of the conflicting demands in their personal and professional lives. Bringing on temporary employees helps your current team feel comfortable with taking time off without worrying about coming back to piled up work, while the temps themselves can enjoy the extra financial incentive they may be looking for around the holidays.

Hiring temporary employees can be the gift that keeps on giving or the scrooge that ruins everyone’s holiday – it all depends on the quality of the candidates. Find the top temporary candidates to bring on board for the holidays with Mark/Ryan Associates, Ltd. Since 2004, we have been providing qualified and motivated candidates for Chicagoland accounting, finance, and administrative positions for area employers. Contact us online or give us a call at 847-240-9100 to learn more about how our specialists can help with your holiday staffing needs.We Know What it Takes to Find Top Talent

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