The ideal situation when hiring temporary workers goes something like this: You hire them, they help you with whatever projects or coverage you need to keep the place running smoothly, and when they leave, your organization is much better off. Unfortunately, if you bring on bad hires, their short duration may range from useless to total nightmare. Keep your temp experiences short and sweet by following these tips to hire the highest-quality temps

  • Treat Them as Valuable Contributors

In some organizations, temporary employees are not treated with the same level of respect as permanent employees. Attract the top temp candidates by going beyond a purely transactional approach and instead, demonstrate that in your organization, temps’ contributions are as valued and appreciated as any other member of the team. To cultivate this type of reputation, focus on it in all branding opportunities (such as the job description) as well as during any subsequent interactions with temporary employees.

  • Offer Benefits and Perks

While temporary employees will most likely be drawn to the opportunities at the most pleasant, temp-friendly organizations, they are obviously in it for financial reasons above all else. If you want the most skilled and reliable temps to want to work for your company, you have to make it worth their while. Set yourself apart from your competition and consider offering some type of benefits or perks beyond a paycheck, such as paid time off.

  • Provide Opportunities for Future Employment

Temporary employees have a variety of objectives when pursuing short-term work, and while some want the flexibility and lack of commitment, many others want to get their foot in the door for a more steady opportunity. Enacting a temp-to-hire process, in which you provide opportunities for temporary workers to transition into full-time employees, is a major selling point in getting the highest-quality temps to want to work with you.

  • Help Them Reach Their Goals

Even if the work you have for temps is strictly seasonal or has a definitive end date, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it mutually beneficial. Be willing to offer training to help temps develop skills or allow them to take on a task in an area they want to gain experience in – even if it’s not part of the overall job description. Providing useful professional development will increase the likelihood of the ambitious, high-performing temps clamoring to work for you.

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