Once the initial excitement wears off after receiving a job offer, there’s a shift in the dynamic between you and the hiring manager. Now that you have sufficiently impressed them and they’ve made it clear they want you, you’re on a more level playing field with talking cold hard money. An overly aggressive negotiation could make the hiring manager regret picking you, while being a pushover will leave you unsatisfied. Learn how to negotiate with confidence and strategy with these tips:

  • Put It Off as Long as Possible

Try to not to be the one who brings up the salary discussion first. If you wait for the hiring manager to bring it up, you’ll be at an advantage because they’ve already shown they really want you.

  • Think Beyond Salary

The actual value of your compensation goes beyond just your salary. Consider other benefits, such as healthcare, retirement, vacation time, work environment, or schedule flexibility, when determining what type of offer you’ll want to negotiate for.

  • Do Your Homework

Show that you’re prepared and know your stuff so they don’t think they can get you at a bargain price. Use online salary comparison tools, such as or, to find the average salary range for your industry, position, experience, and location. You’ll know your market value, and can use the information to objectively counteract a low offer.

  • Compile Your Supporting Evidence

Hiring managers aren’t going to throw more money at you just because you claim that you’ll be worth it. Be ready to show why you’re such a great investment. Prepare your key selling points about why your qualifications and past achievements deserve a higher salary and refer to them when explaining your desired salary range.

  • Ask for What You Want

Don’t beat around the bush, give an exact salary range. Let them know the other factors that are most important to you, such as opportunity for advancement or telecommuting. This can allow them options to create a comprehensive offer – especially if they can’t afford the higher end of your desired salary, they can supplement it with other enticing perks that may offset a lower salary for you.

  • Get It in Writing

Don’t risk any miscommunication stemming from a verbal offer. Once a mutual decision has been agreed on, request it in writing. If you don’t receive what was promised to you, you’ll have verifiable backup.

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