Once a job listing is made public, it’s all about timing. If you wait too long, the opportunity may be long gone and filled. While procrastination can make you miss out, there’s an alternative that’s even worse: Not proofing your resume for accuracy. Learn why it’s so important to take the time to perform a once- (or twice!) over on your resume to ensure all facts are correct.

Background Screenings

Sorry to say, but the vast majority of hiring managers aren’t going to take you at your word in terms of your resume claims. It is extremely likely they are going to perform a background screening to verify your qualifications, especially education and past work history. If you don’t fact-check your resume, and it includes inaccurate information, it’s going to reflect badly on you. What was once a simple typo or wrong guess at an employment time frame, now makes the hiring manager wondering what you’re trying to cover up or why you’re being misleading.

Future Job Opportunities

You likely won’t get the job in question if you submitted an unverified resume that was discovered to be factually incorrect. There could be other consequences as well. If a hiring manager suspects you of resume fraud because you didn’t take the time to fact-check your resume, it can damage your professional reputation and affect your ability to get hired in the future. It can be a small world depending on your industry. You don’t know where the hiring manager will end up, so you could cross paths again at another company.  Even if you submit a completely honest resume the next time, he or she may still be suspicious.

Peace of Mind

You could successfully submit a resume you haven’t fact-checked and not only not get caught, but even get the job. However, this isn’t the perfect scenario that it seems. Job offers can always be rescinded if it is discovered you misrepresented yourself to get hired – no matter how long you’ve been working there. Save yourself stress by carefully fact-checking your resume and giving yourself the peace of mind of knowing that, whether you get hired or not, hiring managers are getting the true story of your qualifications.

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