Most hiring managers have dealt with bad hires…you know, those moments when you look back and think to yourself, “What was I thinking?” Not all candidates who end up being duds necessarily show red flags during the hiring process. The perfect solution to avoid committing to candidates until you know they’ll perform satisfactorily: Temp-to-hire, in which employees start off on a temporary basis with the option to bring them on permanently if they work up to par. Check out how temp-to-hire can be your fool-proof plan to not hiring fools:

Monitor Job Performance

Temp-to-hire at its core is a way to let you preview firsthand an employee’s work ethic and skills. Instead of hiring candidates based on their hypothetical claims of what they’ll do for your business, you actually get the chance to have them show you before you make a decision. If a temp doesn’t measure up, you have a risk-free and less costly way to let him go. On the other hand, temp-to-hire employees who go above and beyond to prove themselves will make you more confident in your hiring decisions.

Determine Fit

Not all personality types will match with your company’s culture, which leads to mutual dissatisfaction. Bringing candidates in on a temp-to-hire basis gives you an opportunity to see if their attitudes and behaviors align with the way things are done around your organization. For instance, if punctuality is of the utmost importance, a talented but chronically tardy candidate wouldn’t be a good fit – but you wouldn’t know that from the interview alone.

Test Commitment

Think about it – candidates who are willing to go through the process of a trial period are generally not going to be the ones to immediately up and quit with no warning. Temp-to-hire can help you separate the candidates who are serious about your company versus the ones who are more likely to turn over quickly and cost you big in replacement and lost opportunity.


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