The laidback vibe of summer doesn’t exactly bode well for productivity, particularly if you have a seasonal increase in business. Temporary employees can be the life jacket to keep your business goals afloat this summer. Check out the ways temp staffing can keep summer productivity on track

Covering for Vacation Time

In a perfect world, your employees would stagger out their vacation requests, so that the office wouldn’t turn into a ghost town. Unfortunately, there are only a limited number of weeks in summer, and that’s likely when everyone wants to jump ship and use their vacation time. Instead of turning into a summertime Scrooge and denying vacation requests, you can bring on temporary workers to take over the duties of your employees who are on vacation.

Maintaining Workflow

It’s difficult to keep morale up when people are stuck in the office during the summer. To counteract this, many organizations opt for doling out summertime perks, such as half days, or arranging for fun activities that provide a break from the daily grind. Hiring temporary employees can prevent workflow from slowing down as you keep morale up with these perks. With more workers, the time away from actually working won’t put a kink in the workflow process.

Meeting High Demand

For certain businesses, summer isn’t the laidback time of year – it’s when demand for products/services really starts heating up. Temporary employees can help you keep up with the high volume of seasonal demand and prevent your permanent staff from becoming overworked and risking burnout at the exact time when you need them as engaged and motivated as possible!

Freeing Up Time for Other Business

Summer marks the start of the last half of the year. It is the perfect opportunity for you to review the company’s performance from the first part of the year, and develop strategic goals to end the year on a strong note – but there often isn’t time for focusing on the long term when you have immediate, pressing responsibilities. Rather than get bogged down in short-term business tasks at the expense of having time for strategizing, delegate daily organizational needs to temporary workers to create more time for team brainstorming and goal setting.

Keep your summer productivity from going down the drain with Mark/Ryan Associates, Ltd. Since 2004, we have been providing qualified and motivated candidates for Chicagoland accounting, finance, and administrative positions for area employers. Contact our Chicagoland recruiters today or give us a call at 847-240-9100 to learn more about how our specialists can help you with temporary staffing this summer.

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