Number crunching may make the business world go ’round, but let’s face it – it isn’t exactly glamorous. And since you spend such a large chunk of your day at work, the typical boring office culture for accountants can suck the life out of you, if you don’t take steps to prevent it. Use these tips to spice up the company culture of your accounting office:

Be Generous with the High Fives

What better way to make your workplace somewhere that is enjoyable to be, than to make an effort to get along and show respect to the people you’re forced to be around day in and day out? While you have no control over how leadership treats workers, you can take it upon yourself to upgrade the company culture by paying compliments and sharing credit when it’s due. If a successful report was the result of collaboration, tell your colleagues what a great job they did, and your superiors that it was a team effort. The accounting workplace is a better environment when people don’t hate each other.

Participate in Non-Accounting Activities

So, if it’s been established that accounting isn’t exciting, you’re only punishing yourself if you never step outside the numbers realm when you have the chance. Do your part in spicing up the office culture by participating in company events and activities. This is an area where employees have more influence than leadership, because you set the tone for the outcome through your participation and attitude. Sign up for the company-sponsored charity race, bring a dish to the potluck, etc. Your company is throwing employees a bone with these activities, so take advantage.

Dive Deeper in the Industry

Just following orders and performing the tasks you’re told to, without any of your own input, gets old quickly. It’s hard to care and not be bored if you have no vested interest in what you’re doing. Accounting can be more exciting if you actually have a stake in the game, and the outcomes are more meaningful than just keeping your job because you didn’t mess up. Get more involved in the industry through online discussion forums or even joining an industry association or board if possible. Being on the front lines and having discussions and debates about emerging trends or other accounting practices can ignite a spark of passion that makes accounting more fun.


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