Bringing new temporary employees on board is often treated as strictly business – there seems to be little incentive to extend a warm welcome when you aren’t setting the foundation for retention, like when you onboard permanent employees. By making temporary employees feel included, it will make them more engaged and productive. Try these four ways to make a new temporary employee feel welcome.

  1. Show Personal Interest

Temporary workers are not just cyborgs hired to take care of tasks for the company, they are people with actual emotions and thoughts. Since they have a limited work duration, management and co—

workers alike often skip past the niceties in favor of getting straight to business. Just because a temporary employee isn’t staying for an extended period doesn’t mean that it’s a waste of time to try to get to know them. In fact, it will acclimate them more quickly, because they’ll feel more comfortable asking questions and collaborating.

  1. Offer the Same Perks

Avoid drawing a hard line between how you show your appreciation for your permanent employees versus your temporary workers. Whenever possible, extend the same offers to a temporary employee that you would give any other employee. While it may seem pointless to offer a company discount or other applicable perks to temporary employees who likely won’t even be there long enough to partake, it demonstrates that you value their contributions, and that they aren’t second-class employees.

  1. Provide Culture Tips

The process of learning a company’s culture often requires walking on eggshells for awhile. Typically, employees have time to observe and figure out how things are done, and understand the overall atmosphere of the place. However, temporary employees are in the awkward position of not knowing the company culture, combined with not having time to figure it out. Save them some stress, and make them feel welcomed by helping them out with tips on how to integrate into the company culture.

  1. Be Available

There is a major difference between expecting temporary workers to be ready to work, and simply leaving them to sink or swim. After the initial training and debriefing, communicate openly about who they should direct questions to, as well as other resources that will help them deal with any potential issues they may encounter. Check up on them periodically to see how things are going, which will also help them feel like they have support if they need it.

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