Temporary employees may only be part of your team for the interim, but they aren’t second class employees. It’s understandable if it doesn’t occur to you to give them incentives (such as bonuses, time off, or small gifts) like your permanent employees. After all, most incentives are meant to improve performance and retention, but temps may not be there long enough for you to see if incentives made them work harder. Plus, retention is a moot point when there’s predetermined end dates. So, why should you offer your temporary employees incentives?

They Can Boost Productivity

Fostering engagement is difficult for any workforce (there are estimates of up to 80 percent of US workers being disengaged at the workplace), but it can be especially challenging for temporary workers. Since they won’t be staying, they won’t get to see the results of their effort. Incentives give them a reason to truly care more about their performance and how it affects the company. This creates engagement that separates those who just get the job done, and those who strive to go above and beyond.

They Can Create a Backlog of Candidates

Consistently building a pool of top candidates, even when you’re not looking to hire at the moment, is the key to streamlining your hiring process and being able to fill positions quickly without sacrificing the quality. Temporary employees can be an efficient way to create a backlog of potential candidates for permanent hires in the future – you have their information on file and already have firsthand previews of their work performances. Offering them incentives makes them more receptive to wanting to work with you in the future, because it shows they’d be working with a company that values all of its workers and treats them with respect.

They Can Give Your Company a Good Reputation

With the Internet, bad word-of-mouth has transformed from whispering to shouting. Previously, if people had bad experiences with your company, they may have told a few of their friends. But, with the Internet, thousands upon thousands of people can become privy to negative information about your company. That’s why it’s more important than ever to keep company branding top-of-mind. Offering temporary workers incentives enhances your company branding, and makes you known as a great place with which to associate – whether through future employment or using your services.


Temporary employees can either put your productivity into overdrive, or be a huge waste of time if they’re not quality workers. Mark/Ryan Associates, Ltd. is a Chicago staffing agency that specializes in accounting and financial services recruitment. Our industry expertise, combined with our customer-centric organizational structure, ensures we understand your unique needs, and provide you with top-notch candidates. Contact our finance and accounting recruiters today or at 847-240-9100 to learn more about our interim staffing solutions.

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