There’s a reason panel interviews are often (semi) jokingly compared to firing squads. Candidates pull up a chair in front of a group of people launching questions at them like bullets. This unpleasantness for candidates, more likely than not, isn’t for the greater good. Tempted to scare great candidates off by including panel interviews as part of your hiring process? Learn more about why panel interviews should be avoided, in favor of more helpful alternatives:

Top talent can fail this “stress test.”

Panel interviews are nerve-wracking for candidates, even confident and highly skilled professionals. This setup doesn’t allow candidates to accurately portray themselves, because they can feel ganged up on and overly anxious. It’s difficult to establish a rapport that gets candidates to open up.

There’s bound to be an interviewer who takes over.

Too many people’s “two cents” can prevent an effective evaluation as it is. But panel interviews tend to also have one domineering interviewer who disproportionately asks questions. So the theoretical benefit of multiple decision-makers is rendered useless, because not everyone gets to ask their important questions.

They alienate candidates.

Simply put: most candidates hate panel interviews. This is especially true if they are not conducted in a well-organized and respectful manner. Unless the interview is impeccable, there’s the risk of your company looking unprofessional. If everyone is taking notes while candidates sit in silence, it wastes their time, and can make them think twice about wanting to work there.

They predict “zilch” about relevant factors.

Panel interviews aren’t conducive to learning the necessary predictors of successful performances. What do you actually find out? Mostly who can withstand a panel interview. Unless the job calls for a similar situation, it’s not the best way to gain insight into a candidate’s work ethic and company cultural fit.

They are time and resource suckers.

The logistics of panel interviews require juggling schedules to get multiple people into a room for an extended period of time. Not only does this prolong the amount of time needed to set up interviews, it takes them away from revenue generating activities.  Also, between chit chat and transitions after candidates answer, it limits the number of questions that can be asked during the interview.

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