Polishing your resume, doing your homework, and showing up in your lucky interview outfit can’t help you if you can’t persuasively answer one basic question: “Why should we hire you?” Your main task during an interview is to show why you’re better than your competition. If you give a generic answer, it’s the equivalent of just shrugging your shoulders. Make hiring managers see why they should want to work beside you every day with these three ways to answer “why should we hire you?”

  1. You’ll Show Them the Money

    It’s business – it doesn’t matter how talented or likeable you are, if you don’t somehow contribute to helping the company make a profit. Prove to the hiring manager that you would be a good investment by providing examples of your work performance and achievements. Take a look at the job description, and determine what  key objectives they’re looking for in candidates. Compare your accomplishments and skills to their objectives to form your answer. Ideally, focus on past ways you helped cut costs, improve productivity, or increase profits.

  1. You’ll Exceed Initial Requirements

    You likely don’t actually know the candidates that are your competition, but yet you’re expected to prove why you’re a better choice than them. Plus, your resume is probably eerily similar to theirs, too. Brainstorm all of the qualities and skills you possess that aren’t actually called for in the job description – can any of them be applied to making you successful at the job in question?

    Soft skills (the ones that aren’t so tangible like teamwork, leadership, perseverance, trainability) are highly desirable, even in technical fields. For instance, the accountant who can give interactive presentations about financial recommendations or write training material may stick out against other accounting candidates. Frame your response with soft skills and applicable examples. This can get the wheels turning in the hiring manager’s mind, and make them want those skills in the position.

  1. You’ll Make Them Look Good

    Hiring managers fear being the one who hires a dud. Bad hires not only cost the company money, but they can make managers look bad. Stand out from other candidates by answering the question of why you should be hired with reassurance of why you’re a “safe” choice.

    Demonstrate why you’re a low-risk, high-reward hire. Think about what problems the company may have to overcome or future goals they may have – how will you be a problem solver or innovator? Discuss how you would apply your past skills and results to the hiring company’s objectives. Essentially, put the hiring manager’s mind at ease that you won’t make then look stupid if they go to bat for you.


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